Bourque Logistics Certifies Lat-Lon Monitoring Devices

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bourque Logistics, a rail logistics software company in The Woodlands, Texas, has certified Lat-Lon's remote monitoring devices for integration with BL's RAILTRAC® GPS software. With this combination, shippers can now enhance decision-making, asset management and regulatory compliance through regular data feeds and alerts on the location and status of railcars.  

Lat-Lon, LLC, of Denver, Colo., has produced solar tracking units for railcars and Locomotive Monitoring Units for 10 years and has partnered with BL to offer best-in-class rail logistics support. BL customers can now seamlessly access the data generated by Lat-Lon devices which includes GPS location, speed and course; wireless sensor data from hatches, brake linkages and trucks; over speed impact data from accelerometers and photographic data from the STU's internal day/night security camera.  

Railcar and locomotive location and condition status are reported through cellular and/or satellite connections to help shippers with regulatory compliance, tampering risk reduction, improved fleet management and railroad billing disputes concerning car damage or routing. The value of wireless monitoring improves many aspects of a shipper's business from sales to logistics to customer support to government compliance.

"This important integration between the Lat-Lon devices and RAILTRAC® GPS software will provide significant remote monitoring capabilities to our clients who ship hazardous products. In addition, Lat-Lon sensors will provide car heath data for railcar maintenance and regulatory compliance," said Steve Bourque, president of BL.

"We are pleased to be working with Bourque Logistics to offer more GPS tracking and wireless monitoring options to BL's loyal customer base," commented David Baker, president of Lat-Lon, LLC.