Lat-Lon Reduces the Cost of IoT

Lat-Lon Reduces the Cost of IoT

August 1st, 2017 Denver, CO: Lat-Lon announces that it has eliminated the monthly cellular service charge on its new version of Solar Tracking Unit.  Lat-Lon has replaced the standard cellular modem with a LoRa data modem.  The LoRa data modem can off load the data collected during a trip to a Gateway for no charge.

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2G Sunset Approaching

2G Sunset Approaching

In 2012 we mentioned that AT&T had announced it would be sun-setting its 2G network by 2017, and some Lat-Lon units would be effected.  As that date closes in, we are trying to keep all customers aware of possible changes to unit reporting.  Any 2G unit still active, is noted on invoices “This unit may stop reporting as of January 1, 2017 due to the AT&T 2G network shutdown. Lat-Lon will apply the remaining data service towards a 3G replacement unit or refund the balance. Please contact Lat-Lon with any questions.”

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