Vehicle/Equipment Monitoring Unit

Bring your fleet to you

Our wireless monitoring system delivers the information you need to effectively manage your fleet.

Engine run-time monitoring—get accurate and immediate billing information and improve fleet maintenance scheduling.
GPS tracking—always know where your equipment is within 10 feet. With our clear street-level maps and aerial and birds eye views, you’ll have clear fleet visibility.
Current and historical data—all available online from any mobile device so you’ll never be out of touch. A custom report builder gives you just the information you need.
Four analog and twelve digital inputs—constantly monitor your equipment and receive immediate alarm messages to know that crews are operating your machinery safely and correctly.

Get Current GPS and Sensor Status

The unit constantly monitors GPS and other installed sensors. When the unit sends a report it will contain the following data:

  • Date / Time
  • Location (latitude, longitude)
  • Report type (reason for report)
  • Speed
  • Max speed
  • Distance
  • Course
  • Elevation
  • Engine run status
  • Hobbs counter
  • Battery voltage
  • Coolant temperature (optional)
  • Fuel level (optional)
  • 12 digital inputs
  • Various system data

Be Notified with Alarm Messages

Alarm thresholds can be configured to send an immediate message via e-mail or any mobile device. All alarms and alarm thresholds can be set-up and updated at any time from your computer. Examples of alarm messages include:

Temperature–Sends immediate message when the coolant temperature drops below your defined threshold
Over-speed–Sends an immediate message when the equipment exceeds a certain speed
Digital–Sends an immediate message when ran event occurs

Impact-Sends an immediate message when user defined accelerometer threshold is tripped

Rugged, Durable Equipment

Designed for industrial environments, all of our hardware is rigorously tested to withstand harsh vibration, shock and thermal extremes. So you can be assured our monitoring hardware can withstand the harshest environments and operate under the most demanding conditions.