Event details

Tuesday 4 August 2020
1 - 2.30pm (GMT+12:00)


When the COVID-19 crisis hit, Datacom, in collaboration with our customers, produced Survive to Thrive: Digital Recovery Framework.  

We designed the framework specifically to help organisations identify and respond to initial short-term impacts and needs, as well as to understand and plan for their medium- to long-term strategy for success in the new normal.

Customers are on a continuum between the tactical ‘survive’ initiatives and strategic ‘thrive’ planning. To help with this transition, our Thrive Live virtual event will bring industry leaders, researchers, and specialists together to discuss success stories and strategies. 

On 4 August 2020, Thrive Live will bring you the expert advice and insights you need to ensure your business navigates today’s economy. You’ll have the opportunity to table your questions and concerns with experts and industry peers. We'll also discuss the latest research and insights we’ve gathered over the past few months and get some hands-on time with our Survive to Thrive business canvases, specifically designed to help leaders with strategic planning across the four major transformation themes in our framework.


The agenda

1pm: Overview

The latest insights and research about today's economy and how COVID-19 is shaping events for businesses. We'll introduce the Digital Recovery Framework.

1.15pm: Customer experience (CX) panel presentation

Hear from experts and industry leaders of customer experience and digital experience.

1.45pm: Operational efficiency panel presentation

Research and insights on how to build a smarter enterprise in today's economy.


Our speakers

Louise Francis
Country Manager, IDC New Zealand

Louise Francis is the New Zealand Country Manager and the Research Director for IDC Australia and New Zealand. Louise leads and manages IDC New Zealand’s local team and she is the head of the Australia / New Zealand research programme.

Louise Francis speaker portrait


Cameron Jardine
General Manager, LPG operations, Genesis

Cameron leads the Genesis LPG operations teams. With more than 20 years’ experience across service industries in senior marketing, digital, and operational roles, Cameron’s specialist expertise is leading organisations through customer-centric transformational change.

Cameron Jardine speaker image


James Stainton
Head of Advisory and Market Strategy, Datacom

James brings more than two decades of experience in the technology sector, from roles leading innovative startups through to agile corporate strategy. One of Datacom’s most respected thought leaders and a champion of Digital Agility, he and his team built the Survive to Thrive framework from their experience helping NZ companies through their digital COVID challenges.

James Stainton speaker portrait


Greg Whitham
CX Consulting Director, Datacom

Greg Whitham is Datacom's leading specialist in customer experience (CX). With more than a decade’s experience in senior strategic roles at leading design agencies, Greg and his team bring a highly customer-centric and design-led view to Datacom’s customer partnerships.

GregWhitham speaker portrait

Jonathan Glenister
Consulting Director, Datacom

Jonathan is one of Datacom’s foremost thought leaders in operating efficiency. An expert in emerging technology, digital strategy, and lean enterprise, Jonathan brings decades of experience working with senior-level executives to help them realise ongoing value from their technology investments and make legacy a thing of the past.

Jonathan Glenister speaker portrait

Jo McCauley
Chief Customer Officer, Southern Cross Travel Insurance

With over two decades of experience in financial services customer and proposition roles, Jo has led marketing, sales, and product teams in both the UK and New Zealand to deliver outstanding growth.  Jo’s career has focused on supporting brands operating in an online, direct-to-consumer, and retail financial services environment.  
Jo McCauley
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